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Gootz's Wrestling Pod

Mar 29, 2024

It's summertime in WCW and the boy hit the beach as Sting and Bulldog take ob Vader and Sid! Plus we discuss Eric Watts Buff Bagwell 2 cold Scorpio and how underrated they all were!


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Mar 22, 2024

Hulkmanai and the Federation era come to an end as Yoko squashes Hogan and ushers in the new generation era! 

It's King of The Ring 93! WWE was going thru MAJOR changes at this time and we discuss it all in our biggest episode yet! This event turned me away from wrestling for FIVE YEARS as a kid but is it bad?

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Mar 15, 2024

Wcw made an attempt to honor the legends of the squared circle in spring 93 nad no one cared!

Plus a big announcment in regards to Mania Weekend and also thoughts on Mone's AEW debut! 

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Mar 7, 2024

Vince continues to lose his touch and Hulkamania runs out of steam in this very underwhelming Wrestlemania. However we do have a few bright spots as we discuss Doink Lex Luger Undertaker and The Steiners! Also hear Roman Reign's take on Wrestlemania 9! 

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Mar 3, 2024

WCW is back and better than ever with one of the best shows they've ever done! Superbrawl 3 features an insane Sting-Vader match. Paul Orndorff in a career high against Cactus jack. Even Erik Watts shows up to play! And we haven't even mentioned Ric Flair's Return! it's WCW at it's best in Superbrawl 3!

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