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Gootz's Wrestling Pod

Nov 26, 2021

Far From Home is a great film but it's more kid Iron Man that spider-man. Allan returns to tell ya why!

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Nov 19, 2021

Perhaps the greatest Spiderman film of all time Into The spiderverse succeeds in telling of a story about a world without Peter Parker. A triumph of storytelling animation music and Spiderman. Kyle Lewis fills in to talk about this incredible film. 

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Nov 12, 2021

We take a break from Spidey's cinematic adventures to spend some time with Venom and Tom Hardy's crazy ass. Evan M. Williams joins the show to talks 2018's Venom, a lil bit of Let there be Carnage, Marvel Legends and so much more as the road to No Way Home continues!

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Nov 5, 2021

Spider-man Homecoming is the first Spidey film set in the MCU and it does NOT disappoint. Join John Minus and Gootz as they discuss Spidey's first MCU film and how it factors into Iron Man's arch!

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