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Gootz's Wrestling Pod

Jan 29, 2021

Katharyn went to Scotland 2 years ago fell in love with Europe and wet abroad to do stand-up right before the pandemic. Which makes her the perfect guest for Brave! In this episode we talk going from NYC to London. Ad also this movie's themes about mothers and daughters!

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Jan 22, 2021

Cars 2 is the biggest and most expensive Larry the Cable guy film of all-time! But is it any good?  No! But Ryan Maher joins me for a deep dive anyway. This is a great conversation that goes everywhere from New Jersey transit to why the cars universe has human buildings to Hulk Hogan! Whatchoo gonna do when...

Jan 15, 2021

Nate was so excited to see Toy Story 3 he got engaged to friend of the show Alison Klemp! Toy Story 3 is the greatest part 3 in film history and Nate breaks down what makes this film so great and how the film champions socialism! Also more on Gootz's idea for Toy Story 5!

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Jan 8, 2021

Brian Kim is insane and this is the wildest review of UP you've ever heard. You've been warned. Brian is one of a kind that is for sure. 

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Jan 1, 2021

This summer James Altucher wrote an article called "NYC is dead forever." and sparked a controversry so bright even Seifeld weighed on. Is Wall-E the end resul of his hypothesis? He joins the show to discuss the end of NYC the way back and all the amazing points Wall-E brings up! This is a must-listen!

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